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Football Program Spotlight – Elmhurst College

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Program Spotlight

Elmhurst College


The Nuts & Bolts

Base Offense: Spread
Base Defense: 3-3/3-4 Hybrid
Greatest Strength: Family Atmosphere
Need Improvement: Getting 1% Better Every Day
Culture/mantra: D.E.T.A.I.L.S. Unmatched (Dedication, Education, Trust, Attitude, Image, Love, Success)

4 Questions with Coach Ron Planz

1. Which HS or college coach would you want your son to play for and why?
“I would want my son to play for a coach who loves impacting people. Football is such a powerful tool in education and helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible.”
2. How will the game of football look different in 7 years?
“I think the game will continue to advance with technology and I think you may see more use of computers and film during games on the sidelines.”
3. What’s your biggest pet peeve as a football coach?
“Giving up before exhausting all resources or avenues for success.”
4. One NCAA or Recruiting rule you’d like to see changed?
“At our level, I would love to see quiet and dead periods and the social media restrictions eased up.”

“Guardian Caps are a big part of who we are as a football team. They allow us to practice at a high intensity while minimizing our injury risk. They have been a great addition to our practice routine for the last 4 years.”          – Coach Planz

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