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  • “I doubt the relationship between the reduction of SI (or accelerations rotational or otherwise) and concussions will ever be shown conclusively to everyone's satisfaction. Thinking of this in medical terms, one would need randomized, prospective, double-blinded study to meet Class-I evidence criteria.  Even if this was technically possible, it wouldn't be ethical to conduct such a study because you couldn't withhold a device that had at least some evidence of protection from a random group of players. We run into this all of the time in medicine where an impasse is reached and further study is difficult or impossible.  An example of this is that there has never been Class-I evidence for appendectomies even though this is a well-accepted surgery to treat appendicitis.”

    Dr. David VanSickle, MD
    Dr. David VanSickle, MD
  • “To me, there’s no negativity to wearing them.  People don’t really appreciate what an O-lineman and a D-lineman goes through.  They're facing impact — not only in a game, and they’re getting 80 plays in a game — but then you see how they practice. The impact on those kids … there’s impact on every snap of every play.”

    Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell Head Football Coach, Iowa State University
  • “You don’t really notice it. After a while, you forget it’s even on.”

    Rob (Smith)
    Rob (Smith) Offensive Lineman, University of Toledo (OH), 2014
  • “At first they thought they looked funny, and you know, it didn't take long for them to get used to them. They're very light, they have some padding to them. Forever, people thought that it was the big licks that caused major concussions and stuff and really it's probably been linked to more consistent licks day in and day out.  Obviously it makes parents and moms feel a lot better that you're doing everything you can to put their kids in a healthy environment and healthy situation.”

    Greg McClendon Head Football Coach, Midland Christian High School (TX), 2014
  • “We don’t have it in our budget to buy 120 of them. We offer it to all our kids, and several wear them because their parents want them to wear them.”

    Bruce Lussier Head Football Coach, Father Ryan HS (TN), 2014
  • "The kids haven't complained, they actually like it. The hits feel softer.”

    Bill Marsh
    Bill Marsh Head Football Coach, Cedar Park Christian HS (WA), 2014
  • “Last year, we started the season using the Guardian Caps for practice only. After several weeks of seeing the benefits of the Guardians, we decided to use them for all games too. The kids definitely did not use them as weapons.  If there is a helmet to helmet collision against a player not wearing the Guardian Cap, both players get the benefit of the outer cushion.  I’m 100% convinced these caps make the game and our players safer!”

    Craig S. Childs
    Craig S. Childs Commissioner, Newburyport Youth Football (MA), 2015
  • “On Guardian Caps, at first it was strange how practice was quieter…But why not create a safer environment if you can.”

    Coach Shafer
    Coach Shafer Football Coach, Syracuse University (2014 Twitter)
  • "I am proud to say that in 2014, Orange Lutheran will be wearing the Guardian caps for our third year. After year one, we liked them so much we ordered more and now every kid in our program is wearing them.  I believe that, as a coach, I have a responsibility to protect my kids and this great game and the Guardian cap helps me do that."

    Chuck Petersen
    Chuck Petersen Head Football Coach, Orange Lutheran HS (CA), 2014
  • “It’s my job to find ways to best protect athletes.  In football, we put padding everywhere to limit the effects of hits.  The Guardian Cap limits the impact of repetitive blows to the head. Our parents at the middle and high school levels have been extremely appreciative of our proactive approach in making the Guardian a mandatory piece of protective equipment.”

    Steve Stepp, ATC/L
    Steve Stepp, ATC/L Former Head Athletic Trainer, Wesleyan School (GA), 2013
  • “I have 3 boys. If they want to play, I’m going to let them play [but] I’m going to protect them with Guardian Caps.  Anything I can do to help them and other children, I’m all for it.  They’re not going to hit like NFL players but anything we can do, it’s vital.”

    Fred McCrary Former NFL Player, Super Bowl Champion & Pro Bowler, 2012
  • “The Cardinal Newman football program decided to invest in the safety of our student athletes by purchasing The Guardian Cap. This protective gear will remain standard issue for our student athletes.”

    Steve Walsh
    Steve Walsh Former NFL Quarterback & Former Head Football Coach, Cardinal Newman HS (FL), 2013
  • “We’re just trying it out. Studies show that [the Guardian Cap] reduces impact by 33 percent and keeps your head cooler.  So we’re going to try them out in [2012] practice, and if it means getting one more guy to game day, it will have been worthwhile.”

    Dabo Swinney
    Dabo Swinney Head Football Coach, Clemson University, 2012
  • “Our theory is we’ll try everything that’s out there. If it helps, great, if it doesn’t we’ll find the next thing.  They seem to be working.  The guys like them.  The theory behind [the Guardian Caps] is they dissipate the force.  When you get hit, you don’t get that giant blow to one area.  It dissipates the force over the whole helmet which will lessen the blow to the head.”

    Jenn Brodeur, ATC
    Jenn Brodeur, ATC Head Football Athletic Trainer, University of Massachusetts (MA), 2013
  • “They don't weigh anything so the kids don't even know they're on. Just kind of head whipping to the ground or two guys butting up against each other, and maybe a knee to the side of the head while the kids on the ground,” are some impacts Stugart hopes Guardian Caps will soften.  Stugart did a little research and found the caps.  Now, he has his team use them in non-contact practices.

    Jed Stugart
    Jed Stugart Head Football Coach, Sioux Falls University (SD), 2014
  • “We have also noticed a measurable drop in injuries to shoulders, to arms and wrists. Guardian Caps should be included at all levels of football (Pee-Wee to Varsity).  Our team cannot be more satisfied with Guardian Caps.  They definitely are as important as pads and helmets.”

    Jerry Way Head Football Coach, Pacifica High School (CA), 2014
  • “You don’t hear the crack when you have big hits, just a muffled kind of thump. I’m a believer.  It’s just common sense that, if you put a little more padding between two things hitting at high velocity, that you’re going to decrease the force.”

    Mark Hudson Head Football Coach, Ravenna High School (NE)
  • “The thing about the Guardian Caps is that it’s a constant reminder. When you look across the line and see the other guy wearing one, nobody has an advantage.  Instead of going head-to-head with somebody, you think about getting your hands out in front first.”

    [John Smith]
    [John Smith] Defensive Tackle, University of Northern Colorado (CO), 2013
  • “Our philosophy was, something is better than nothing and if it doesn’t work, it’s like not having them on. If it does work, being a small school and with every athlete being important to us, it possibly helps keep athletes on the field.”

    Ed Van Curen, Jr. Head Football Coach, John S. Burke Catholic HS (NY)
  • “They are worth every penny. I will not practice again without them.”

    Matt Putnam Head Football Coach, James Clemens High School (AL)
  • “I heard about [the Guardian Caps] and then watching South Carolina practice and saw them. I started doing some research and thought it would be a good thing.  Anything we can do to make the game safer, I’m willing to do it.  You’re always concerned about the kids 10 years from now.”

    Bobby Bentley Head Football Coach, Byrnes High School (SC), 2013
  • “We have found the Guardian Cap to be an incredibly affordable and an easy option to the problem of increasing protection… For the money this is one of the best ideas I have come across in 18 years of coaching. I wish I had thought of it myself.”

    Jep Irwin
    Jep Irwin Head Football Coach, Lassiter High School (GA)
  • “It is my belief that our ultimate job as educators is to protect our kids with every resource at our disposal and if the Guardian can help us do that while they are playing football for our youth leagues, our middle schools, and Sweeny High School, then we are going to utilize it.”

    Brett Sawyer Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Sweeny High School (TX)
  • “Some people say it could train kids to hit with their head since they have more protection. We try to train kids not to do that anyway, that is our training to teach them not to hit with their heads.  As a youth program we teach how to tackle correctly.”

    Chris Weitz
    Chris Weitz President, Ellington Youth Football (CT)
  • “It was interesting to see how many parents wanted the Guardians after they realized the purpose of the caps. Guardian Caps will always be a big part of our team from now on."

    Rod Dollar Head Football Coach, Mill Creek 8th Grade Team (GA)
  • "We put the safety of the players above all else. The Caps minimize impact by up to 33 percent. Every bit helps. The reaction has been great. What we are doing is great."

    Marce Petroccio
    Marce Petroccio Head Football Coach, Staples High School (CT)
  • “You can’t even tell it’s on there until a collision. It feels a lot better than a normal (hit) head to head. You get that ring in your ears and dizzy and sick. I haven’t felt like that since I put this on.”

    Cameron [Smith] Senior Football Player, DeWitt High School (MI)
  • “We’ve been using it for two years now and we’re very happy with them. It cuts down the impact. They are also practical because they come in different colors, and we can use that to distinguish between our offense and defense in practice.”

    Dennis Coyle
    Dennis Coyle Head Football Coach, Savannah Country Day (GA)
  • “Practice drills and scrimmage add a lot of head to head contact over the course of a season. Much more than games in fact. The smart thing to do is to reduce the effects of that contact by having all your athletes wear the Guardian Caps at least in practice. There is an immediate and noticeable reduction in collision force when helmet meets helmet. The players noticed the difference as well and no one would take them off.”

    MPT/CSCS, Sugar Salem High School (ID)
    MPT/CSCS, Sugar Salem High School (ID)
  • “It’s another layer of protection. It won’t help much if you get a good head-to-head hit or you get hit on the chin.  It’s a step in the right direction.”

    Tom Iwanicki Head Football Coach, Lake Shore High School (MI)
  • “Aside from lessening the impact from helmet-to-helmet blows, the best part about the Guardians is that they create a safer environment for knees, elbows, and hands with the padding of the helmet shell.  Less accidents and incidents when guys are falling.”

    Kyle Derickson
    Kyle Derickson Former Assistant Football Coach, Elmhurst College (IL) 2013 now Offensive Coordinator, Allegheny College (PA)
  • “They are lightweight and not a distraction at all.”

    [John Smith]
    [John Smith] Defensive Player, Elmhurst College (IL)
  • “It’s not the Friday night hits necessarily. It’s the continuous hits every day.”

    Tim Moore
    Tim Moore Head Football Coach, Oakmont High School (CA)
  • "The key observation between two helmet/heads interacting at elastic and inelastic collisions is to minimize the acceleration of the brain by minimizing the transfer of momentum between the two colliding helmet/heads. If a helmet/head has an inelastic energy absorbing layer as an added soft layer surrounding a hard shell of a helmet, this extra soft layer will accomplish just such a reduced momentum transfer between the two helmet/heads. Both helmet/heads will have diluted forces transferring into the elastic brain. This is how the Guardian Cap works."

    McGill University Physics Review
  • "As of last night our 2015 junior football program has 232 kids participating and growing daily. Primarily because of the safety factor that has been significantly increased with the use of Guardian Caps. While other youth football programs in the area are decreasing in numbers, we have had an unreal increase. Parents love seeing these on the kids. I had a HS mom this year state "the only reason I am letting my son play is because you make them wear those caps on their helmets, otherwise I would not be allowing it!" I am your number 1 supporter of these and think it's the single greatest and most significant safety creation in football since I have been a part of this game."

    Bill Marsh
    Bill Marsh Head Football Coach, Cedar Park Christian (WA)
  • But, as SLV coach Dave Poetzinger said, “aesthetics be damned.”  “We’re evolving our game, we’re changing the way we teach, and we’re also going to change with the new technology,” Poetzinger said. “This is a new technological breakthrough, in my mind. This is the air bag for the helmet. Why not wear it?”

    Dave Poetzinger
    Dave Poetzinger Head Coach, San Lorenzo Valley HS (CA)
  • "We believe in wearing Guardian Caps to further protect our players. We treat the caps like it's part of their everyday equipment and it's mandatory to wear."

    Matt Logan
    Matt Logan Head Coach, Corona Centennial HS (CA) #2 in MaxPreps' 2015 National HS Rankings
  • “We train to reduce injuries, we practice smarter to reduce injuries, and we use the best technology available to us to reduce injuries. At Bergen Catholic we want to put our players in the best uniforms, the best equipment, and take every measure to limit the risks of the game.  We definitely believe the Guardian Cap is one of these technological improvements.”

    Nunzio Campanile
    Nunzio Campanile Head Coach, Bergen Catholic High School (NJ)
  • “Once we found out about it, it was something that was a no brainer for us because why wouldn’t you do everything you can to reduce the risk and it’s really worked for us so far. It’s been a game changer for us.”

    TRENT MILES Head Coach, Georgia State University
  • "Guardian Caps are a big part of who we are as a football team. They allow us to practice at a high intensity while minimizing our injury risk. They have been a great addition to our practice routine for the last 4 years."

    RON PLANZ Head Coach, Elmhurst College (IL)
  • “It’s an added layer of protection for big guys who get continual reps… and I think it’s something that’s really positive.”

    Bret Bielema
    Bret Bielema University of Arkansas Head Coach

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